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RMC 40 Series  
Rack & Panel Type Miniature Power Connectors

These connectors provide a cost effective solution in the choice of connectors for Rack & Panel applications which are having an added advantage of durable co-polymer Self locking dust covers of unique design made out of acetyl co-polymer.

Rtex is geared to produce a wide range of connectors.
These are specially designed to minimize cost, space and give high quality performance.

All connectors are specially designed. The female contact are punched out of high quality phosphor bronze and the male contacts are highly precision machined out of brass. These connectors are sturdily built to withstand high degree of wear and tear. By a staggered arrangement of contacts mismatching is avoided.

Covers with cable clamps are also available for cable to panel application.Male and female covers are interchangeable.
Rtex offers M C connectors in 8 & 16 pin configurations. The plugs can be offered with pins (gold plated) for direct PCB mounting.

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